PTFE Coated Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump, Rocker 300C

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The Rocker 300C PTFE Coated Vacuum Pump is an advanced laboratory-grade vacuum pump designed with high chemical resistance and effectiveness in mind. It features a PTFE-coated diaphragm and pump head equipped with FKM valves, making it adequate to work in milder chemical gases while being cost-effective. The pump is oil-free and care-free, driven by a diaphragm that requires no lubricant, which ensures maintenance-free and oil-mist-free operation. The Rocker 300C stands out with its minimized vibration and quiet operation due to its superior weight distribution and assemblies. It is also equipped with an overheat protection device that shuts down when overheated and resumes once cooled down, contributing to the pump's safety and longevity. The product comes with a one-year warranty and holds CE, UKCA, RoHS certification, and IP 30 protection. It can be used for various applications including solvent purification, Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE), and vacuum filtration. It is available in two models with different power requirements: AC110V, 60Hz and AC220V, 50Hz​1​.

Key Specifications:

Max. power: 65W (for the 110V, 60Hz model)
Max. current: 0.7A (for the 110V, 60Hz model)
Max. vacuum: 99 mbar abs.
Max. flow rate: 23 L/min (for the 110V, 60Hz model)
Noise level: 50 dB
Hose barb: ID8
Net weight: 4.1 Kg
Dimension (LxWxH): 29 x 14 x 20 cm
Moisture trap: Yes
Vacuum regulator: Yes
Overheat protection: Yes
Glass moisture trap: Yes​1​.

Rocker 300C: The Ultimate PTFE Coated Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump

The Rocker 300C vacuum pump, coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), is a versatile and indispensable tool in the realm of laboratory equipment. Its robust design, high performance, and excellent chemical resistance set it apart in the market.

PTFE Coating for Enhanced Chemical Resistance

The Rocker 300C is not your ordinary vacuum pump. It comes with a PTFE coating, which offers exceptional resistance to a wide array of chemicals. This high corrosion resistance ensures smooth and efficient performance in handling various lab applications, even when dealing with harsh substances.

Compact and User-Friendly Design

Prioritizing convenience and ease of use, the Rocker 300C features a compact and user-friendly design. Its small footprint coupled with robust performance makes it a prime choice for laboratories dealing with limited space.

Durability and Extended Lifespan

The PTFE coating does not only provide excellent chemical resistance, but it also greatly enhances the durability of the Rocker 300C. This prolongs its lifespan and, in turn, reduces maintenance costs over time.

Versatility Across Applications

Whether in a university research lab or a commercial testing setting, the Rocker 300C shines through with its versatility. It offers reliable and efficient operation, making it an essential piece of equipment in various laboratory applications.

Handling Corrosive Chemicals with Ease

With the Rocker 300C, handling corrosive chemicals is a breeze. The protective PTFE coating ensures that the pump can withstand even the most aggressive substances, providing peace of mind in any lab scenario.


The Rocker 300C PTFE coated chemical resistant vacuum pump is a powerful and versatile addition to any laboratory setup. Its excellent performance, chemical resistant properties, and durable construction make it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications.

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