At KRADA CPS INDUSTRY, we are dedicated to providing high-quality 
chemical raw materials and laboratory equipment to our clients.
Our main office and warehouse are located in Alcasser, Valencia, 
Spain, and we serve both the Spanish and European markets.
We are constantly expanding our product catalogue to meet the 
diverse needs of our clients.  Our brand represents a wide 
range of chemical raw materials, which  we  sell  both  in  
small  and  large  volumes.
In addition, we supply well-known brand laboratory equipment 
such as Zhengzhou Laboao Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd and 
DLAB Scientific Co., Ltd.
We supply chemical raw materials from Asia (India, China), 
as well as well-known European brands (Carl Roth, Merck).
At Krada CPS Industry, we take pride in offering a wide
range of  high - quality laboratory glassware from top
manufacturers  in the industry. Our Czech - made lab
glassware is known for its durability and precision, and
we offer a diverse selection of products to meet the needs
of our customers. From beakers and flasks to pipettes and
burettes, our lab glassware is designed to meet the needs
of scientific research, medical applications, and beyond. 
Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service 
to ensure that our customers have access to the best 
materials and equipment for their work .